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Welcome to! The following page features my blog concerning my whereabouts in the entertainment industry, most specifically as a game design student. Other page feature my work in more in-depth. Feel free to look around!

Late new year's resolutions!

Hey guys,

Been a while again but i return with a nice facebook pluging to my website and the enthoushiasm to start posting more regularly. I have been incredibly swamped with school work and what not but hopefully will be having a lot more free-time for personal work the coming blocks. For now I have a collection of art I have been doing the last couple of months.

First of all I finished my demon model for the game Purgatory. This is the low poly model with textures rendered in the Marmoset Toolbag:

demon shop zbrush

Here is the high-resolution sculpt:

zbrush demon


I also completed the low poly model for the War character. He is one of the main protagonist you can play in Purgatory. The weapons are still work in progress!

purgatory war character

The game was created in 14 school days plus a couple of days at home as a school project. I was responsible for a large chunk of the environment, the shop and war character as well as all the spell icons of the heroes. The game is in no regard final and we plan on taking another half a year to polish it and create a proper game with a plausible release.

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If you are interested I also made the cover for the game which can be checked out here:


Lastly I really am happy to have some more time for some proper zbrush action so as a new start I did this 2.5-3 hour speedsculpt of a random alien yesterday. Plan on doing a lot more of these quickies!

alien speedsculpt zbrush

Allright hopefully till another update soonish!







International selfportrait day

Hey guys,

Been a while i've been especially cramped up with school and freelance work although i have a fair bit of work ready to make its appearance here. For today I got a 3.5 hour selfportrait sessions that I did for international selfportrait day.

jordy knoop selfportrait

Next up is a sculpt  have been doing for my current school gamelab project. We are developping a game in half a year loosely based around a dota funmap called x hero siege. Expect some more major updates on this soonish. For now here is the sculpt!

zbrush model of war





I'm back!

It's been a while but i have finally found the time to get my site update. Using the new Joomla 2.5 I have made my site all ready and working and from now I plan to keep it up to date. On this page you can see my brand new blog on which I will be sharing my weekly endeavors. I'm reall excited for the flexibility my site now gives me and I can't wait to share with what I have been up to. If you want to peak at my artwork from the last 2 years be sure to check out the 2d and 3d gallery.

 I have spent around 2-3 half days starting a new sculpt for a personal/school project. Design is based of on one of Matthias Kapuvari's characters. Still early wip so a lot of dodgy areas. Especially in the arms. Nonetheless enjoy!





Dragon warrior update

Hey guys!

Have been working on the dragon warrior on and off. Here is an old zbrush screengrab and a quick marmoset test. Still some errors in there. Next up is a texture job. I replaced my classmates model with my own and resculpted the body from my hellboy basemesh.

dragon warrior render


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