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Welcome to! The following page features my blog concerning my whereabouts in the entertainment industry, most specifically as a game design student. Other page feature my work in more in-depth. Feel free to look around!

Concept art portfolio 2014 is up!

Hey Guys!

The concept art portfolio for 2014 is up!



Enjoy and till soon!


Solitude Cinematic portfolio is up!

Hey all!

Hereby i am sharing my personal contribution to a school team project. The project involved around making a cinematic with a group of 9 people for the duration of 3 school blocks. Due to mostly scope and other issues the project dragged on for almost 2 years but is now finally nearing completion. Check out the work that I contributed to the project by clicking on the image below. Have fun!


Solitude Banner


Enjoy and till soon!



character portfolio 2013 is up!

Hey guys!

Been a while! I've been super busy with some project that i have yet to share so my site has fallen behind a bit. I will probably do a cosmetic make-over very soon and change thins up for convenience. For now if you want to get a look at some of the stuff I have been up to check out my character portfolio for 2013. Polished all my work in a nitty new presentation. Enjoy!




Enjoy and till soon!




Hey all,

I've been working intensively on a new school team project called Solitude. The main goal is to create a 1 minute high-end cg trailer. I've been involved with laying out the story throughout storyboards and done some work on the animatic. Currently I'm focusing my efforts on the main character and here are some work in progress shots for the suit.

sci-fi armor concept art

Here is the 2d animatic that we use as a base for the construction of a full 3d movie.

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Here is a quickie done through some school lectures.

zbrush alien speedsculpt


Till next update with a finished character!




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