2d and 3d visual development

Welcome to the 3d gallery!

The following page features the work that I have contributed to the Cinematic class that was part of my third year at the International Game Architecture and Design course at the NHTV in Breda. The project was orginally intended to last for 3 school blocks but due to some problems with the project, mostly the grand scope of the project it took us almost 2 year to finish. On this page you can find the work that I have contributed to the project. 

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The first major part of the project I worked on was the male character. It went through a lot of variations and sturggles as can be seen here.





To continue with character work next up i worked on the female hair and close-up face. The hair was a very intense project since first it would have to be able to simulate properly. I manually created all these curves to work with simulation and v-ray hair. Second is part of the face for the final shot that I worked on. In the end it was altered by another person for completion.




I was the third person to make a set of asteroids that both looked high-res but were managable in polycount. These were sculpted in Zbrush as well as decimated and UVed.




I also worked a lot on visualizing the spotlight for the search ships. I tested IES lights but in the end settled for a maya spotlight with hand painted image to get the proper falloff.



 Besides the work on asset creation I was involved in creating shots. First of i'd like to share movie of all the shots i made in motion. Most of these didn't make the final cut or only partly. They were part of the iterative process we used throughout the project. I did a lot of scene building, animating, lighting, and near the end I even delved into Nuke to do some compositing. This involved combining passes, relighting, using projections for matte painting and other post-fx.



 CinematicShot05 progression



Finally I was also involved in some concept art. Though not of very high quality it served its purpose in the beginning of the project. A lot was mostly done for the first idea of the project which we threw away after half year and started a new idea!









Thanks for watching!