2d and 3d visual development

Welcome to the 3d gallery!

3d works

Here is a collection of the better 3d work that I have created during my 2 years education as a visual artist at the International Game Architecture and Design course.

NURBS  Project:
The car was a first year project that challenged us to solely use NURBS to create a high end car in Maya. I chose the challenging Ferrari F430 and made it into the popular three sixty forged custom edition. I polished of the product in my rendering class where i created a studio render of my NURBS car. I tried to give an artsy stylish feel to my final image instead of a generic car render.



The next project was my final project of the 1st year and dealt with the creation of high-end textures. The basemesh was provided by my teacher Neville Marcincowksi and I used photoshop to detail the model and give it my own design. Final render done in mental ray.



NUKE cg realism
The next project was quite an interesting challenge and was done for my rendering class. We had to integrate cg into a live backdrop. I shot a photo in my backyard and created my own hdri map through a sphere. I modelled all the objects on the table (besides the flowerpot) in 3d and created multiple texture layers per object. I rendered out all my passes and different textures and I used The Foundry's Nuke to composit the entire image together.



Architectural Visualisation:
The next project was a project that lasted half a year in my second year. I got assigned a street in the city Breda and reconstructed in 3d. The main emphasis was on optimization and utilizing tileable texturing to create a complex scenery. For the flora I used plugins the like of speedtree and ivy generator to add more life to my images and finally I used Chaos Group Vray to render out my scene.


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